European (EU) Postage Rates - Outside of France

Please find below our additional prices for European Postage Rates - Outside of Mainland France

(Sorry we do not currently ship to countries outside of the EU)

Please add all your items to your cart then simply add the correct postage to the total value of your order including any postage costs applied

For all postage destinations we do not gurantee delivery, as this is out of our control, and can take no resposibility for any missing post, we can however provide you with a copy of the receipt of posting, prooving we have sent your order.

Your Order Value

Please add to cart your additonal EU Postage

0.01 euros to 2.99 euros
Price - 1.00 euro
Item Code EUPOST1
3.00 euros to 4.99 euros
Price - 2.50 euros
Item Code EUPOST2
5.00 euros to 9.99 euros
Price - 4.00 euros
Item Code EUPOST3
10.00 euros to 19.99 euros
Price - 6.00 euros
Item Code EUPOST4
20.00 euros to 29.99 euros
Price - 8.00 euros
Item Code EUPOST5
If ordering above 30.00 euros

We will need to split your order, as we cannot post at the post office

Please select two or more postage rates above that match your order. and we will despatch your order in multiple parcels

Alternatively we could ship your order as a large parcel, but we would need to know the weight of your order to be able to calculate this. So we would need you to email us your order for us to calculate your postage

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