Credit Agricole - Securi Pass - Payment Problems

We are sorry that you are experiencing problems with paying with your debit / credit card issued by Credit Agricole

The problem is not yours or ours, we are trying to resolve this with Credit Agricole, but typically being French they just put their hands up and shrug!!

The problem is that when you make your order, and enter your Securi pass code on your tablet or phone or device, it says your order has gone through

It has not, not until you get a pay-pal email confirming your order

We have had several customers including ourselves face this problem, it is not good for us and especially you, we understand this

From what we can see is that the Credit Agricole app says it has worked and to click the button saying ok, but this stops the payment from CA to Pay-Pal

So once you have entered your Securi pass code Do Not Do Anything else until you get a email from pay-pal confirming your order

The system says in the green screen to press the ok button, please just wait before doing this, until you have confirmation by email from pay-pal of your order

If you do wait and have used the CA app before all will be ok, its just a case of being patient

We have no idea why when you press ok on the app after you have done the Securi pass bit that it fails, and we are struggling to get a resolution, it is extremely frustrating for us and you

The next problem is that it takes the cards you have ordered from our stock, as Pay-Pal consider the payment to have gone through, but it has not

This means that our stock online is wrong and that a card that you may have ordered is now shown as out of stock, but it physically is not (so we need to manually adjust the stock online for you to order again)

The next issue is that as you have tried to make the payment to us CA will not let you try again, more frustration for you and for us as it takes the stock again

So if it does not work, please do not try again, and email or phone us

You will need to go to your CA branch to get them to allow the payment with Securi Pass

Or a better solution for CA customers is for you to open a Pay-Pal account, you can then pay with your Pay-Pal account and the money is taken direct from your bank account with no need for the Securi Pass part

Alternatively you can pay by Cheque (please see the FAQ's Page for how to do this)

or Alternatively you could ask a friend with a non CA account to pay for the order for you

We fully understand the frustration and stresses caused, but please understand it is CA at fault, and the system they have set up to protect you does not work properly

We are sure that in time they will fix it, as they, us, and other companies are losing money because of the issue

So if you experience issues please contact us and we will do our best to offer you a solution

If we are away on holiday (as per the note we put on our website home page before we go away) you will have to wait until we return home

Finally, Please do not get angry or stressed with us, we have had some nasty phone calls and emails from customers that are having problems and directly assuming and blaming us, this is not fair and not true and we will not accept abuse in anyway, if we can help we always will

Thank you, and we trust you understand

Simon and Lesley Barron

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