Frequently Asked Questions

Q - My order will not complete?

A- Sorry if you are using a UK bank card to pay and have a UK bank card at your French Address it may not work and you will need to use a French bank card for this, this is a restriction from some banks and Pay-Pal to provide you with extra security, if you do not have a French bank card then please either ask a friend who has one to pay for you or see below on the question "Can I pay in another way"


Q -I have a Credit Agricole French bank card and i cannot make my order?

A- Sorry the problem is not yours or ours, CA have a securi pass system (all banks have a security system for your protection in some form), and when you enter your code it tells you that the order is complete, and to press OK on the green screen, if you press OK before you get an email from pay-pal confirming your order it cancels your order, we have no idea why and when we ask CA they say it is not a problem, but it is, so just be patient and wait for your email before doing anything with CA, once you have an email from pay-pal all is good, if you have used the CA securi pass app before then all should be fine, if you have any questions we can send you a link to explain the problem in more detail, please just ask


Q - Why do I have to pay P&P on all orders?

A- Sorry because of the cost of P&P it is not possible to offer free P&P, however we only make a small order charge, please see the home page for our postage rates, so maybe if you increase your order value you can save on the postage costs per card


Q - Can I send my order to the UK or out of France?

A- Sorry no, due to Brexit customs complications, we no longer ship to the UK, Sorry for out of France deliveries we do not ship outside of France as simply we cannot also track your order with the postage costs paid


Q - Why does the postage cost 3,49 on a single card

A- Sorry because of the cost of P&P and our time in stocking, preparing, driving a round trip of 4km to post your order, and cotisations fees and taxes, we need enough money to cover these costs whilst still making a small profit, we trust you understand, we may have to post just one card on this day, but we can offer this service to you


Q - What happens once I have placed my order?

A - When you have placed your order, Pay-Pal will send you a email confirmation to the email address you have used or provided, then once we have packed and posted your order we will then send you a email to confirm despatch of your order (again to the email address you provided to Pay-Pal, if this email address in incorrect then contact us from our contact page and we can reply to your email)


Q - When will I receive my order?

A - Orders are generally posted 3 days a week on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To obtain the first available postage time your order will need to be made before 17:00 hrs (5 pm) French time (the day before), after this it will be posted on the next available posting day

For orders received at weekends or on national holidays or 24th, 25th and 26th December the orders would be sent out the next available posting day

All cards are sent using La Poste * Lettre Vert, or Colissimo (with La Poste) 2-3 days delivery

* Delivery times are provided by La Poste and we cannot guarantee their service, we trust you understand


Q - Item is out of stock Pay-Pal says? (We may not have the quantity of items you would like to order)

A - We are sorry but your item is out of stock. Please return to the Cart to lower the quantity or remove this item and make an alternative choice. We do carry a large stock of cards and will do our best to remove an out of stock item as soon as we can. We carry a large selection of cards, but not necessarily large numbers of each card, this is to keep our stock new and to have new designs. Thank you and we trust you understand


Q - My Paypal account screen is in French- how can I change it?

A - You need to Select / Click "connectez vous" to log into your account. Then in "mon compte" click on "préférences" then in the drop down menu select "plus d'options". On the left side you will see the heading "informations personelles" - click "choix de la langue" and you can then choose english in the drop down menu and then click "enregister". This will now put your paypal account into english.


Q - Is it safe and secure to use my credit/debit card to pay online on your site? or can I phone you with my card details?

A - All our online payments are securely processed by PayPal who operate a very high level of security; sorry we cannot take details over the phone. When you go to the checkout you will be automatically directed to PayPal. Here you will be able to pay by credit or debit card or your Pay Pal account if you have one (in any case we would never see your card details).


Q - Can I pay in another way?

A - Yes you can, you need to first email us your requirements, using the code numbers and description on the site, we can then remove the stock for you, we will then confirm your order and total due, you then need to send us a cheque (From a French Bank Account) made payable to "Barron Lesley" (please post to the address on our Contact Us Page) once we have received your cheque we will post your order to you

A - You can also pay in Cash or Cheque at our house. You will also receive a 20% discount for collected orders as we save on the postage costs, so why shouldn't you, please just email or phone us with your order, we will prepare it for you and email you directions of how to find us, again a great way if you can make an order with your friends as all standard cards cost from just 80 cents each!


Q - Are my personal details secure?

A - Yes, your details will never be revealed to any third party


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