Terms and Conditions

1- We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data and items displayed on this website and will do our best at all times to ensure that they are correct and up to date

2 - If you are not satisfied with any of our products please return them unopened and in its original packaging for a refund or replacement (your choice)

3 - Orders are generally posted 3 days a week on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To obtain the first available postage time your order will need to be made before 17:00 hrs (5 pm) French time (the day before), after this it will be posted on the next available posting day

For orders received at weekends or on national holidays or 24th, 25th and 26th December the orders would be sent out the next available posting day

4 - If you wish to Pay by Cheque rather than Pay-Pal, then, just email us a list of the items your would like to buy, and the code numbers, we will then confirm your order is in stock and the total price, you then need to send us a French Cheque made payable to "Mme Barron Lesley", on receipt of your cheque we will dispatch your order

5 - To benefit from the 20% discount, we ask that you email us a list of your order, we can then prepare this for your collection, and fix a suitable day and time for you to collect, payment can only be made at the time you collect your order by cash or cheque

6 - Our stock system is automated, and therefore it should never allow you to order an item that is out of stock, when you checkout if any item is out of stock or the requested quantity cannot be fulfilled you will notified and given the option to checkout without the item or reduce your quantity or you may return to the store to make another choice. If for any reason the stock system does allow you to order an item that is physically not in stock we would endeavour to send a very similar item in its place so that we can fulfil your order

7 - If any item is not in stock after you have made your order, and we cannot replace it with a very similar item, we will contact you to see if would like to choose an alternative item, or if you would like the particular item refunded

8 - To keep postage and packing costs low, if your order weight is very close to the next postage rate down, we may remove some cellophane wrapping from your cards to keep postage costs down, this is only done when an order is very close to the lower postage band and benefits us all as we can keep our prices low, we trust you understand

9- Please ensure your order has the correct delivery address, including full name and surname, also please note that if you make an order for the wrong delivery address the order will be sent to the address as provided. Also if you make an order to a delivery address that we do not despatch to a minimum of 50 cts will be withheld from any refund, due to the fixed pay-pal costs we have to pay, this is provided the order is not despatched

10- If you wish to cancel or change an order, a minimum of 50 cts will be withheld from any refund due to the fixed pay-pal costs we have to pay and to restock any cards that have been ordered and then have to be manually put back on our pay-pal stock system, the same charge will be applied if you exceed the 30 words on a hand written card and then wish to cancel the order without reducing your message

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